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Results offers treatments that are proven to help.

Exilis – for body fat. for skin tightening. for age reversal.

FDA & Health Canada Approved.
Age reversal on face and neck.
Tighten stretched out skin on stomach or saggy skin on inner arms.
Cellulite on legs.
Fat reduction on stomach, hips, back or man’s chest.
Cherise has specialized in Exilis on face, body and neck since 2011.
She was the first Certified Exilis Technician outside of Toronto, in all of Canada.
RESULTS is the ONLY place to offer Exilis in all of Saskatchewan.
For men and women.
Health Canada approved and proven for skin tightening face, neck and body as well as fat reduction body.

Cosmetic grade Cold Laser

The ONLY Cosmetic Grade Cold Laser in Prince Albert.
Cherise has specialized in Cosmetic Grade Cold Laser since 2008.
Great complexion correction.
No heat, no pain, no peeling.
Improve the quality, health, and beauty of your skin.
Lines are lessened and softened.
Acne is reduced, acne scarring improved.
Rosacea and redness are reduced.
Fix uneven skin tone and sun damage.
Safe to use to tone delicate areas (Ex. Upper eyelids, lips).
Good for toning neck and chest.
For men and women.

Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion

Cherise has specialized in Dustless Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion since 2008.
Polish your skin.
Vacuum out your pores.
Great for all skin types and concerns, except rosacea.
For men and women.

Cherise also offers professional Lactic Acid Peels for anti aging, acne, uneven skin tone, scarring and sun damage.
She also offers hair restoration treatments for entry level hair hair loss/thinning.

**New in 2018, Cherise has new techniques and technologies available to help with face anti aging and to detoxify your skin.  

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