Whether it was the hideous Halloween makeup, the late nights on the weekend or the half a pound of candy you ate, your skin might look a little worse for wear.

Here are some quick tips to fix skin freak out.

Don’t rub and scrub the hell out of your skin. You can’t whip skin back into shape; excessive rubbing and scrubbing the skin is like punching yourself in the stomach to reduce heartburn. Ease up on the facecloth, the oscillating brushes, and the gritty cleansers. Your face needs some TLC right now, not Tough Love.

It’s time to break out one of my favorite secret weapons – plain Greek style yogurt. Unless you have a problem with dairy, slather this all over your face and leave it on for up to 15 minutes. This will calm and soothe inflamed, upset skin and it’s surprisingly anti aging. A nice side benefit.

Take some vitamin C. C reduces inflammation, speeds healing and has a big part to play in collagen creation. This is good news for upset skin and for skin that’s not getting any younger as well.

Finally, make a note for next year. Ease up on the cheap, heavily pigmented Halloween makeup. Try to get the look you are going for with actual makeup that you can buy year round. Remember, your skin is an organ. Just like your pancreas, treat it with respect to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Fix Skin Freak Out Post Halloween.

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