Refresh Skin as well as Spirit

Refresh Skin as well as Spirit When our days are shorter and our nights are colder, it is a good time to treat your skin. With true skin care, treating your skin usually brightens not just your face but your spirit as well. Quality, comfortable skin care treatments can be self care all at the […]

Your Kid’s or Grandkid’s Acne

Your Kid’s or Grandkid’s Acne You want to help your kid or your grandkid to be more comfortable and to feel more confident. You know that they’ve been feeling insecure about their skin. They’ve got some acne or black heads like teenagers do. Their skin looks a little sore. Maybe even a little tender. Your […]

FIR: Skin Beauty, Mood, and Joint Pain

FIR: Skin Beauty, Mood, and Joint Pain This beautiful sauna has so many benefits in and out. Or should we say ‘skin’ and out? Far Infra Red saunas bring us peace. We get peace of mind because the stress reduction benefits are proven. Mood benefits in Winter depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder are documented. Sleep […]

The Pursuit of Peace.

The pursuit of peace. We run at a fast pace. No, we’re not washing clothes by hand and churning butter anymore. We’re not digging up chunks of dirt to build ourselves a sod house by our own hands. We’re not walking four miles for water and then carrying it back home four miles. I’m not […]

Help for Lip Lines

Help for Lip Lines Lips. Lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, lip balm. Lip lines. Here are two secret weapons for preventing lip lines and for even improving them a bit if you have some forming. One. Massage the lines above your lips. Massage them from the cupid’s bow at the center, outwards. Lip lines are […]

Buff Away Blah Winter Skin

Buff Away Blah Winter Skin You’ve got me and 1300 square feet all to yourself. It’s time to relax. You leave the open and bright reception area with the cozy fireplace. Now, it’s the treatment room. Clean and bright and professional yet warm when I cover you with a cozy fleece blanket and slip a […]

Challenging the OCM

Challenging the OCM I’ve had concerns about the logic behind the OCM Oil Cleansing Method but I’ve always struggled to put them into words. I just figured out how to phrase it. First off, I need to clarify. I love some oils for use on the face. Olive oil gets along with so many faces […]

Stress Management and Skincare Connection

Stress Management and the Skincare Connection We sometimes focus too much on our skincare products or getting our treatments done. Sometimes, we forget there are other practices that help get the radiance we crave. Yes, good quality, thoughtfully formulated skincare makes a visible difference in the beauty of your skin.  That’s a fact.  Yes, with […]

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