FAR Infrared Sauna Getting Lots of Interest

I’ve been up and running in my new location for a full week.  Almost every person who’s been in has been very interested in the FAR infrared sauna.  Here are the reasons why. Pain.  FAR infrared rays penetrate into the body’s tissues to provide pain reduction.  These rays also reduce inflammation so you get relief […]

Prevent Sagging Skin During Dramatic Weight Loss

You are losing weight. Maybe it’s to fit into this knock out, gorgeous polyester satin bridesmaid’s dress. Maybe it’s to hit the beach in a bikini this winter. Maybe it’s because you met someone. Left someone. Whatever your reason, you are losing weight. Maybe you need to lose a lot. Maybe you’re losing it fast. […]

Colds and Beautiful Skin Have This in Common

Spring is a time for cleaning, birds chirping, tulips blooming, and colds.  Don’t despair; your skin benefits when you care for your cold. Your strong immune system and beautiful skin have a lot in common.  They both love antioxidants.  They both love fruit and vegetables.  They both hate sugar. Spring time colds are very common.  […]

Practise Safe Sun

It’s time to have “the talk”. If you are going to do it – if you are going to go outside, I want to make sure you practise safe sun. If you practise safe sun today, you’ll need fewer treatments from me tomorrow. Wear sunglasses to protect the delicate, fragile skin of your eye area. […]

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