Yes, I love fixing faces. I love tightening tummies and smoothing cellulite. But I also have TLC for your thin hair or your entry level thinning hair.

Admittedly, my passport photo is not the most flattering. Someone looks grumpy! But when I held it in front of my face that day, it made my point very clear.

Some years back, I noticed my hairline was receding. I restored its fullness by using the Hairmax Lasercomb at home in the evenings.

This is why I love Hairmax Lasercomb.

There are other ways that I can help as well. Before I give your hair any help, I’ll do a Hair Follicle Viability Check. You and I look at your scalp with a digital microscope. I tell you exactly what we’re looking for. This way, I know if your hair can be helped before you consider an investment of time or money. I don’t charge for checking.

So, if you stress about having thin hair or if you are experiencing the early days of hair loss, feel free to give me a call. We’ll take a good, close look before I tell you what your options are. And if I can’t help, as always, this straight shooter will tell you in short order.

Skin Rejuvenation, Body Contouring AND Hair Restoration

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