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I love a face to look a little lived in.  There’s beauty in those little lines and crinkles.  However, when our little lines start look like Clint Eastwood’s facial nooks and crannies, it might be time for an intervention.

Fortunately, I can help make those furrows look like cute little lines again.  It’s called Exilis.  I’ve been helping people feel better about their faces with Exilis for over six years.  I love what it can do for summer squint lines around the eyes.

That is my personal area of concern, since I smile so much.  When my eye lines stop looking adorable and start looking like I’m auditioning for parts in movies that Bruce Willis plays, I give myself a couple of treatments and soon after, I feel better about my 48 year old eye crinkles.

That’s how I know that I can do the same for you.  We can smooth out those lines, firm up that skin and get a noticeable difference around your eyes.  A boost of confidence just in time for Fall.

Remember, consultations are free of charge and although I do have a big city machine, I have small town prices.


Cherise owns Results in Prince Albert where she gets to help people look and feel good.  Get in touch. 306 953 1986.

Undo Summer Squint Lines

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