There are three things that your skin loves about Valentine’s Day.

Well, there are four things, really, but we’re going to keep this post suitable for all ages.

Your skin loves Valentine’s Day.  More than Christmas.  Your skin also loves New Years but nearly as much. Here’s why.

Your skin loves strawberries.  Strawberries are high in several different antioxidants.  When you read ‘antioxidant’, think ‘anti aging’.  If there were a fountain of youth, it’d be called antioxidants.  These are healthy components that lead to better overall health and have a big impact on the beauty and youth of skin.

There are also many antioxidants in dark chocolate.  In fact, real dark chocolate is pretty much a super food.  People use the term ‘super food’ for foods that have way more antioxidants in them than most foods.  Yes, dark chocolate is anti aging.  What’s the definition of dark chocolate?  At least 72% cocoa.  Milk chocolate doesn’t fit the bill because it has so much sugar and so little actual cocoa in it.  Sugar and skin are not friends.

Your skin also really likes champagne!  More than white wine.  Way, way more than beer.  Even more than red wine.  A dry (brut) champagne has less sugar than all of these other beverages.  And champagne, like red wine, has lots of antioxidants.

Your skin loves Valentine’s Day.  Show your skin some love this Valentine’s Day by partaking in foods and beverages that nourish your skin and make it healthy and beautiful.   Just remember, less is more.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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Why Your Skin Likes Valentine’s Day

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