Maybe your complexion isn’t all it’s cracked up to be right now.  Lake living took its toll.  Whether you are a parent or a teen, naturally, you want to look your best as you head back to activities, school and routines.

Clean your skin from within.  Stop the sugar and the starches.  Chances are that your diet was below Olympian athlete standards while you were off work, off school, on holidays, road tripping, or at the lake.  Studies have proven that sugar can result in acne.  Here’s the thing – so can starch.  After all, starches like flour based items, potato based items, and corn based items all act like sugar in the body.

So, as I said, clean your skin from within.  Muffins, cookies, cereals, cakes, breads, French fries, potato chips, corn chips, cheezie poofs – they all have to go.

Not forever.  It’s not a death sentence.  Don’t break out the black arm bands just yet.  Just eat them way less and way less often.

Studies also show that dairy, specifically milk, can exacerbate acne.  Cut the milk drinking out for awhile then drink less of it and less often.  Cheese and yogurts seem to be fine; they are fermented and that’s good for the gut.

Introduce some zinc.  Zinc is super duper for skin and immune system.  One capsule of 25 mg might do it.  Take zinc with food; it can make an empty tummy feel achy.

Get back into your skincare routine.  Often we slosh into bed with makeup on during those late summer nights or we stop washing our faces because we’re not wearing makeup at all.  We might stop moisturizing.  The skin reacts by producing more sebum in an effort to hydrate itself.  A cleanser and a moisturizer, carefully and correctly chosen, can reduce acne.

Do you need more help than this?  You’ve come to the right place; I’m full of help and proven information.  I’ve been fixing faces for over ten years and I love to help.  Call me at 953 1986.


Acne Reversal for Back to School

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