spring cleaning for beauty

Let’s do some Spring cleaning for beauty.

Spring has scratched and clawed her way here despite Winter’s best efforts.  We can see her across the street, melting the snow. We glimpse her later in the evening as she holds the night at bay longer and longer.

I love Spring. It’s messy but it’s so uplifting. I feel my mood lift with the rising temperatures.

Spring is energizing. We want to get out there, get organized and get things cleaned up!

Let’s do some Spring cleaning for beauty. Let’s start with those makeup brushes, sponges and applicators. Be honest: When is the last time you washed this one? Or that one? Let’s wash all of them.

Now let’s look at the makeup itself. How long have you had that piece?  What about this one over here? Months and months? Might be time for a fresh one, even if you haven’t used it up entirely. Bacteria can cultivate in makeup. You don’t want to spread that to your eyes and your skin fights off enough invaders all day, every day, without your makeup adding to the pile.

Now your skincare products. Anything look different than it used to? Different color? Different smell? Has the texture changed? With milk that’s turned or carrots that have gotten slimy, we don’t pinch our nose and keep choking it down to use it up. We pitch it. Same with skincare products. If they have a different color, smell or texture, they need to go, even if you haven’t used them up.

Habits. Let’s Spring clean our beauty habits. Food choices, stress, exercise; all of these affect your beauty positively or negatively. Here’s another important one: Sleep. Spring clean your sleep habits. You need at least 7 hours a night of good quality sleep. There is so much info online now about how to achieve that. Invest the time to find the tips and tricks that will get you and your unique sleep personality these much needed zzzzz.

Cherise with Results has over a decade of knowledge, experience, and expertise in skincare.  Call her at 953 1986 or follow her on Facebook @resultsprincealbert.

Spring Cleaning for Beauty

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