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Get Skin Ready for the Big Spring Reveal

Such an exciting time of the year. Days are noticeably longer. The air feels warmer. The sun seems brighter. Soon, we’ll be comfy outdoors and the Spring and Summer festivities will commence. There will be reunions. Grads. Weddings. There’ll be time at the lake with friends and family. Just as we’ll shed our Winter layers, it’s time to plan and schedule the shedding of dull Winter skin cells. We want to liven up our complexions so our faces look as fresh and happy as we feel.

Now is the time to take a look: does your neck need some tightening? Is your upper chest a bit blotchy? Could it benefit from some color correction? Does the face look dull and drab? All of these can benefit from a little love and attention to look their best so you feel your best.

The face and chest can both benefit from Microderm. It provides a buffing to smooth away dull, lifeless skin cells to reveal a health glow. It can help to even out skintone and at Results, Microderm is done gently. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll get all of the benefits of Microderm while enjoying it, having a bit of a doze or a nice visit.

To take your Microderm to the next level, add in cosmetic grade Cold Laser. This is collagen stimulation. Microderm works on the skin. Cold laser works in the skin. Each treatment by itself is great. Doing them back to back in the same session gives next level Results.

Get Skin Ready for the Big Spring Reveal
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