Fixing Pigment Irregularities at Home

Fixing Pigment Irregularities at Home

In my more than 11 years of working in skincare, I’ve worked with a lot of women with uneven skin tone and irregular pigmentation.

Almost always, this is a sign of sun damage.

Maybe this Summer you were super careful.

Maybe all of my harping and finger wagging got through.

And you still had discoloration and splotches show up.

What the heck?

This could be sun damage from when you were 7, 17, or 27. Not even from this Summer. And the skin decides to present it to your eyeballs now.

What can you do at home?

Some skincare ingredients that could make a big difference are Retinol, Vitamin C, and Glycolic Acid.


These ingredients need to be pretty strong.

And any skincare company can say its product has Vitamin C in it after they’ve put in only the tiniest droplet.

So, I suggest professional grade skincare products so you know what you are getting.

Now, keep in mind, at these strengths, you may develop sensitivity.

Ease up on frequency – even take a break if you need to – but stay the course.

Using even the highest quality skincare products at home can take months to get improvement in stubborn facial pigmentation.

Cherise owns Results in PA where she gets to play with pretty faces everyday.  Stalk her on Facebook at Results Prince Albert or call her at 306 953 1986.

Fixing Pigment Irregularities at Home

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