Get Some Sleep

I know that some of you don’t sleep super well. You tell me when you come for treatments or ask for skincare products. We all feel run down and lacklustre when we’re not sleeping well.
In my skincare world, lack of sleep is one of the ‘4 S’ to be avoided: too much Sun, Smoking, too much Stress, and lack of Sleep. (I’m thinking about turning it into ‘5 S’ to be avoided, and adding sugar but I don’t want a riot on my hands)
So, sleep. I want you to sleep for the sake of your skin.

Easier said than done, Cherise. I hear you. I’m a delicate sleeper myself, don’t forget. Here are my tips.

Cool. My poor husband Quentin sleeps with extra blankets so that I can sleep cool. What a guy.
Chill. Not to be mistaken with Cool. I chill out before bed. I watch relaxing tv. Nothing heavy. Then I turn the tv off. I wander around, getting ready for bed, and I chill out as I do it. I mentally think about sleeping and how much I’m going to enjoy it and how much I deserve it.

And when all of that doesn’t work, L-Theanine does. It’s an amino acid that calms and relaxes. Perfect for my brain that likes to get busy at bed time.
Lots of information on the net about various sleep tips and tricks. Try them out until you find the ones that get you a bit more sleep.
Your skin will thank you.

Get Some Sleep

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