How to Undo Sun Burns

As much as I prattle on about ‘safe sun’ and assorted summer time skincare tips, I grudgingly accept that you’re probably still going to get a burn.  Let’s be honest; it’s summer in Saskatchewan!  We like to go hard.

Let’s face it.  Our summers are short.  In July, some of us are still stinging from the harsh winter.  We like to make good use of every daylight hour and every ray of sun.  We don’t want to squander it.  Winter is always lurking, in the back of our brain, like some cold, dark threat.

So, no matter how much I carry on, no matter how much finger wagging I do, hand on hip, the odds are good that you’ll get sunburned this season.

Here’s how to recover.

Cold.  Skin keeps burning long after you’ve yanked it away from the hot stove.  It’s no different with sun burn.  A cold shower.  A cold compress.  Ice.  Yes, ice.  Stop the burn by killing the heat in the skin with its opposite, cold.

Aloe vera.  Aloe is famous for its burn soothing and skin healing properties.  Get the real aloe vera gel from Nutter’s.  Keep it in the fridge.  Apply liberally and often.  Real, pure, aloe vera  is the number one choice for reducing a burn and healing from it.

If you’re so badly burned that you’re in pain, take some acetaminophen, commonly known as Tylenol.  The skin is full of pain receptors.  This will tame the pain a bit so you can rest.  Rest is always a major player in recovery.

Now, slip on some sunglasses, slap on a hat, slop on some sunscreen and enjoy!

How to Undo Sun Burns
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