The Key to Calm

The Key to Calm

First, we calm. Then we clear. Then we get back to normal. Let’s talk about how to calm upset skin.

Remove. Stop anything that might keep the upset ie: inflammation going. Stop anything exfoliating like Glycolic acids and salicylic acids, along with all retinols and vitamin Cs. Anything that says ‘brightening’. Anything that says ‘Illuminating’.

No scrubbing. No rubbing. No hot water. You can’t scrub or rub away redness and upset skin. Remove. Stop.

What can you use? Cool water. Frequently. Good quality, Dermatologist Created Aloe Vera or green tea based products can be game changers. Very gentle cleansers with Chamomile, for example.

Take good Zinc supplements. Take good vitamin E & C supplements. You need very little. This will help support skin health from the inside out.

This is also where the Cosmetic grade Cold Laser comes into play.

When you’re calming, fewer products on the skin is always, always more.

The Key to Calm
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